Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shadow Sticks x 3!

So I was going through my collection of makeup and thinking I did not have any creamy eyeshadow sticks or eye pencils however you want to refer to them. But to my surprise, I had three! Now two of them are extremely similar in color and one is WAY out there. 

Here They are!

First one is the Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in 130 Pixie! This shade is a very frosty champagne color. It blends out very nicely and looks great alone or under a champagne shadow for a quick look or along with a little bit darker crease color for a soft pretty eye!

The next one is the Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner in 28 Blizzard Brown!
Where to start with this one...the color is beautiful little a darker champagne with a definite glitter to it. 
The cooling effect is noticeable but not a long lasting effect while you apply the pencil feels cool :)
Another good thing is, I found this pencil on sale at ULTA for $2.99 from $5.99!
Cons: The product itself does not fit well into the packaging.  Hopefully it will show up in the photo!
This makes the pencil "weak" and tends to break off easy! I don't know if its just mine or if its the way it is made?!

 Lastly is the COVERGIRL SMOOTHERS Gel Eye Color in 360 - Neon Pink!
Lets talk about the color first. The color is a mid-tone blue based pink with almost a duo chrome of a purple. Its a nice color for maybe the bottom lash line for a pop of color to bring out blue eyes?!
Cons: It is kind of a dingy color. Its not as bright as I hoped from the lid of the product.
Secondly Im not sure what I expected from a product called "Gel Eye Color" Its not like the others in the fact you can just smooth it on nicely. Its tough and a dry product.  And lastly, which is much more evident in the case is the fact the product just doesn't fit in the packaging?!?! It is DEFINITELY visible in the photo. P.S. it sharpens horribly. =/.

Here is all three side by side no base !

Final Though: I want to try shadow sticks/pencils from other brands to make a statement such as I do not like shadow sticks. These three I currently have are nothing to write home to mom about. Its a great idea the quick simple less mess and fuss shadows, now I want to see them done well :)

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