Friday, July 8, 2011

Bonne Bell Concealer -Very First Impressions

Today while on a trip to WalMart to look for the Pure Ice Crackle Polish (which I did not find) I ran across a section of Bonne Bell cosmetics. Now as far I knew Bonne Bell was strictly lip products. Little did i know they had face products as well. I picked up 4 products, two of which are lip products. Blog Post coming soon for those =). Tonight I want to talk about the Bonne Bell Concealer. I believe its called the My Style Concealer in the color F - 031 Secret Fair? Here is a link to the WalMart website to show you what is available. It does come in 3 different shades a light a medium and a dark. 

Here are the claims of this product.
The Perfect Finish to a Flawless Look!
- Long wearing, cream-to-powder formula is easy to blend and crease resistant
- Hides blemishes and evens out skin tone
- Light, natural-looking finish
- Portable tube with brush application

To Use: Gently dab or brush on, then blend with your fingertip, Reapply for extra coverage. 

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Okay, so on to my first impressions. As many of us do, I eagerly opened the package in the car, swatched it on my hand, and first swipe...whoa this is thin...I rubbed it in and it disappeared! Right into my skin! I was not expecting much of this at all. Went home thinking about the waste I bought then I gave it another shot. Not as bad as I first thought. It is not as pigmented as say the Boing Concealer but for a light make-up day it would be nice for small blemishes or light discoloration. As it says on the packaging it does dry to a power finish IF and only IF you let it sit for a moment before you blend it out. Here is a picture of how it looks "heavily" swatched and "dried" but not blended out at all. 
Final Thought on First Impression - Workable Need to work with it more :) Update in a week or so on This Concealer 

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