Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 6th Nails - Sally Hansen Crackle & L.A. Colors

So today my cousin was over and i painted her nails and did her make up but she would not let me take pictures! lol. I did however add Sally Hansen Crackle in Antiqued Gold over top of LA Colors Nectar. I have not tried any other crackle polishes but I have recently heard that Pure Ice has a crackle polish now that should be affordable option to try. As far as the Sally Hansen one I really like it. HOWEVER, I can see how I may not like it if it were say a solid color as apposed to the glitter finish of this one. I am afraid it will appear to be dirty and chipped not intentional. 

The Sally Hansen Crackle in Antique Gold is a  beautiful color and the name suits it well. Paired with the light "orangy corally" color with "flip" of golden glitter. The combination is very subtle and summer. I love it!

Sorry the picture is so dark but my camera decided to act anti macro. UGH! and would only work in darker lighting to show the true colors. Ill also include pictures of each polish! <3

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