Monday, July 11, 2011

LA Colors 5 Color Palettes x 5!!

 First off I want to say that I bought these because of how similar they appear to the ColorMates 5 Color Palettes. And after swatching and using these for a few days....there is no difference. From the packaging to the texture to the pressed design on the top there is no difference. And just like the ColorMates....I LOVE THEM!
They are definitely worth the $1 - $1.50 paid for these!

On to the colors!!

L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow - DARLING
Swatch no base!

L.A. Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow - AMMUNITION
Swatch no base!
L.A. Colors 5 Metallic Eyeshadow - LOLLIPOP
Swatch no base!

L.A. Colors 5 Metallic Eyeshadow - WINE & ROSES
Swatch no base!

Now this one deserves a little extra talking about. The photos do not do justice to these shades.
Starting from Left to Right - This pale pale purple has a AWESOME duo-chrome of a bright violet! 
The second and third shade (in person) are not to much different except for the the third shade being a hue deeper wine shade. 
The fourth shade is a nice metallic lilac rose color! Check out the picture I linked! Its from the Dayton Daily News article "Are you Enchanted? Get Lilac Roses" by Jill Kelley!
Last shade is a beautiful amethyst purple!

L.A. Colors 5 Metallic Eyeshadow - WILDFLOWERS
Swatch no base!

The Second best part of these eyeshadow behind the pigmentation and texture is the variety available for such and affordable price. With the economy the way it is, L.A. Colors still offers quality and quantity that is easily accessible!

Here's a quick comparison picture of the ColorMates & L.A. Colors Palettes!

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