Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dirty Laundry ...or a haul

For the last month or so Ive picked up random nail polish at random places. I had to go to the laundry mat to catch up on the laundry...but I took the time to take a few pictures of these new polishes :)

this first set is I got at Ross Dress for Less for $1.99 (no names listed)

Multi-Colored flake polish in a jelly base. 
Below is Hard Candy's Break-Up in comparison to the Cosmetic Arts Professional Nail Lacquer.
Break-Up is an octagonal glitter while the other is a more like ripped shapes.
Click Image to Enlarge
This polish is a light rosey pink holographic. It Looks Amazing outside.
It dries with a rough finish because its a glitter polish but it looks amazing after a few coats.
This one is purple a light purple and silver "soft" flakes.
Very defined shape in a thick gel base. 
In the bottle it looks so interesting because it just so jammed packed and beautiful.
When applied it is hard to disperse evenly.
The next few I picked up at Dollar Tree.
These polish's don't have names on the bottle and of course i threw away the packaging........
 LA Colors Color Craze Green and blue glitter
 Multicolored glitter top coat.
This one is my favorite of this set. It looks beautiful over a taupe colored polish.
It has two different size silver glitter in a gel base.

To Be Continued!.............

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