Monday, December 12, 2011

The Nail Doctor - Nail Whitening

As I am typing this I am in Step 1 of the process so i figured what better time to give first impressions on this product. Pictures of the product and process will be shown below.

I bought this product for $1.99 at Ross about a week ago so I figured I'd give it a shot. I don't necessarily have discolored nails. Tinged a little from dark polish but nothing to concerning.


This product claims:
The fix: A mega watt pair that turns discolored nails into light, bright objects of beauty. 

See picture for Product Packaging Details!

Here is the process:

First you pain your nails with Step 1 (Let there be light.) 

[Step 1: let there be light natural nail lightening mask helps turn dull into bright. Natural grapefruit extract helps to remove dead cells. Mulberry root, melaluca, anti-oxidents and ascorbic aids lighten and brighten.]

This product is a thick white paint on product that is reminiscent of the smell of Elmer glue and a odd smell mixed together. You paint it on leave it for 10 minutes till it dries clear. (Don't paint on a super thick layer it will get messy as in sticky mess, to thin will be really hard to peel off. medium coat will do) It will still be tacky. After the 10 minutes directions are to peel off this layer of polish on your nails. Its pretty easy to peel off on the main part of your nail but down close to your cuticle it gets a little problematic but just using your other finger to rub it off works just fine. 
Photo above is the packaging and midway through the drying process of Step 1. 
 Dried Step 1.

Peeling Process

 Its a stretchy layer that peels off.
Click on the picture to enlarge - Step 1 when peel becomes hard to get off around the edges and cuticle.

  This is Step 2 packaging.

Step 2 (Be Right)
[Be right natural nail brightener gives nails a healthy glow. This hydrating, water-based formula uses ascorbic acid and natural ingredients to lift stains from nails and white tea to help keep them younger-looking.]
Be Right is a blue tinted thin polish that personally has a horrible smell. Indescribable. It has no specific instructions other than to paint it on.

Step 2 after being painted on dries to a clear semi-matte finish.

Here is the after photo:

Overall Thoughts:
From what I can see in person, It has not done anything. It does not state that its a multi-use to result product like some of their other products do. It has a pretty bad smell that some may be able to tolerate. I can tolerate it but its not enjoyable, but it does not linger very long after use. I find this product leaves an undesirable finish to my nails and would suggest it be used before bed and removed in the morning with polish remove and a good cuticle oil to spruce them back up.

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